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Have a drink and a meal


Restaurant & Tapas Bar


Dinner, cocktails and outdoor terrace


At Ginkgo Restaurant & Sky Bar

Asian and Spanish Cuisine

Ginkgo Restaurant & Sky Bar offers an incredible Asian, Spanish and international cuisine. From the highest point of Madrid, you will find the trendiest place with the best views of the city, in the center of everything!

Shall we eat from the sky? Now Ginkgo is even bigger, discover our gastronomic concept: Tapas Bar area, indoor glazed restaurant and heated terrace with views.

Access to our terrace costs 3€ per person from Monday to Thursday and 6€ on the eve of public holidays, holidays and weekends. For lunch and dinner in our glazed restaurant, you must make your reservation in advance and you will not have to pay the entrance fee. To enjoy the Tapas Bar and Terrace area it will not be necessary to make a reservation in advance.


  • Average price per person: 50-65€.
  • To attend Ginkgo it will be necessary to comply with the elegant/casual dress code, both in DayTime and NightTime.


At Ginkgo Restaurant & Sky Bar

Cocktail experts

Dinner on the rooftop and then … Cocktail!

After an appetizing lunch or dinner, or along with the tapas, it’s time to enjoy the most glamorous cocktails with the best cocktails of the moment.

Cocktail experts will advise you on the cocktail that best suits your tastes and personality. The presentation will be the surprise touch you are looking for, ask our bartenders for the most spectacular cocktails!

Enjoying our cocktails in the Tapas Bar and Terrace area is easier than ever: no need to make a reservation in advance!

    • To attend Ginkgo it will be necessary to comply with the elegant/casual dress code.


The wildest nights in the capital city take place at the Ginkgo Restaurante & Sky Bar

Dinner and entertainment show Jamón & Japón (Ham and Japan)

Guaranteed fun with a four-course dinner along with a unique and unprecedented show in the World that combines a great musical and gastronomic experience. You will enjoy an exquisite menu of dishes based on Asian and Spanish gastronomy with international flavors and… we can only tell you this much! A suggestive and provocative night that you will not want to miss.

A delicious menu with the Ginkgo Restaurant & Sky bar signature that includes:

  • Welcoming cocktail Fiero strawberry Spritz.
  • Raw Fine de Claire Nº2 oysters paired with ponzu sauce or our tropical Ginkgo & Iberian Bellota ham Ginkgo selection.
  • Mini Ginkgo Cocktail.
  • Selection of sushi and traditional bacon with mashed potatoes, Iberian ham croquette and leek and mushroom croquette.
  • Mini Sangria Ginkgo Cocktail.
  • Beef sirloin tataki with sesame seeds.
  • Warm cheesecake.
  • Mini Espresso Martini cocktail.

In addition, the entire dinner will be paired with the best wines and beers.

Ginkgo Restaurant & Sky Bar promises a night true to its suggestive and provocative style that you will want to repeat.

Book one of the two sessions:

  • €70 – From 8:30 pm. to 10 pm. Afterwards the party continues in the bar area with a second DJ session until 12pm.
  • €70 – From 10:30 pm. to 12 am. Afterwards the party continues in the bar area with a second DJ session until 2 am.
  • €60 – If you share a table with other guests in any of these sessions.

A unique night at our Restaurant & Sky Bar!


Bookings: You can make your reservation by email, phone, Fever and in El Corte Inglés.

* Even though access to our bar area and live music after Ginkgo Shows is included, we suggest you hire the VIP Table service to experience a unique night.

*Scheduled dates for Ginkgo Shows. May: day 19

* The times and days may be subject to change due to private events, please ask for information!

Madrid naughty nights: Ginkgo Live Music and ... much more!

Ginkgo Shows

A dinner with a unique show, exquisite gastronomy, live music, particular cocktails, and... that's as far as we can tell. A suggestive and provocative night that you won't want to miss. More info and reservations here.

May: 19

Two sessions: 8.30 pm. and 10.30 pm.

World Cocktail Day

This World Cocktail Day comes with a surprise! For every cocktail you enjoy, we'll treat your companion to another one.

Friday 13th May

From 4 pm to 9 pm

It´s Friday & Ginkgo knows it

We invite you to your first drink! Asian and Spanish gastronomy, Bacardi Group drinks (White Label, Santa Teresa, Bombay Saphire and Eristoff) and live music. Sounds good? Well, it's even better! Because every Friday we invite you for a drink after your meal in our restaurant.

Every Friday

British Invasion

The most British sounds reach the sky of Madrid.

Wednesday May 11

Day 11: From 8pm to 10pm

Greatest Hits

Enjoy the greatest hits in Ginkgo!

Tuesday 10, Thursday 12, Frida13, Saturday 14 and Monday 16 May with special DJ session

Day 10: from 8p to 10pm | Day 12: Greatest Hits from 8pm to 10pm + DJ from 10pm to 2am | Day 13: Greatest Hits from 6pm to 22pm + DJ from 22pm to 2am | Day 14: Greatest Hits from 5pm to 7pm + DJ from 7pm to 2:30am | Day 16: Greatest Hits from 5pm to 7pm + DJ from 7pm to 11pm

80's y 90's

Our acoustic remember to unlock magical memories.

Coming soon

DJ Sessions

The best House sessions are enjoyed at Ginkgo. Can you come with us?

Coming soon


The Flamenco that will surprise you!

Coming soon

Hits 2000

Relive the most memorable pop and rock songs from the turn of the millennium

Coming soon

Come and mee tus

We are located on the 12th floor of the Hotel VP Plaza España Design*****. In addition, we have a direct access from the street so you can go directly to our Ginkgo Restaurant & Sky Bar without having to go through the hotel.

Ginkgo Restaurant & Sky Bar

  • Tapas Bar ·Glass-enclosed restaurant · Heated terrace with views.
  • Plaza España nº 3, 28008 Madrid.

Own parking
Closest metro station is Plaza España

Everyone talks about us

Step into the hot spot in town!


Vive la experiencia Ginkgo

Ginkgo Restaurant & Sky Bar is also the ideal place to celebrate your events with truly spectacular views of the city.

Discover the multiple possibilities that our space can offer you with unbeatable views of the city of Madrid.


Contact us: Comercial eventos

Enjoy the design


Ideas that are born

Our philosophy

The strength of Ginkgo

Ginkgo is a plant of Japanese origin with miraculous properties. When we came up with the concept for our Restaurant & Sky Bar, we realized that this could be the best name we could give it.

The tree from which the Ginkgo plant is born possesses an uncommon strength, giving it characteristics that make it truly unique in its species. In fact, it is the oldest tree in the world and the only one that managed to survive the Hiroshima bomb.

Singularity, strength and authenticity are some of the adjectives that best define Ginkgo. Ginkgo Restaurant & Sky Bar is a unique space where everything you have dreamed of can become a reality. Come up to the 12th floor of the hotel VP Plaza España Design*****!